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Minimizing Downtime in Unattended Parking Systems

Don't let downtime ruin your image and profit

Don’t let downtime ruin your image and profit

Automated parking systems offer great advantages to the operator and driver alike.  That is when they are working properly.  There is nothing more frustrating than angry customers angry  because their parking system is non-functional.

Having to roll a truck for  a service call is a big waste of time and expense.  Especially when 80% of these failures can be handled with an automated reboot of the crashed system.

We improve the reliability of every network we touch.  Find out how you can benefit from reduced downtime.

Talk to Dataprobe at the International Parking Institute (IPI) trade show in Nashville next week to learn how to minimize downtime.

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Truck Roll Not an Option for Undersea Data Center

Microsoft’s Project Natick aims to put data centers underwater, where they will be close to population centers and benefit from water cooling and be powered by tidal energy.

Remote Reboot a necessity for undersea data center

When critical sites become ever more remote and inaccessible, the cost of site visits becomes ever higher and borders on impossible.  Maybe you don’t have underwater facilities, but you could definitely benefit from minimizing site visits at your remote installations.

Dataprobe Supports Reliability at Ellis Island Museum

Dataprobe is proud to provide increased reliability to the kiosk and A/V installations at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration Galleries.  Selected by A/V Integrator, Electrosonic, Dataprobe’s iBoot power switches are used to provide power control to the Citizen Narrative and Citizenship Tests exhibits.

iBoot Powered Kiosk

Electrosonic, headquartered in the UK,   is a worldwide audio-visual company with extensive experience in designing, project managing, engineering and supporting AV systems and products. It was named A/V Integrator of the Year by Commercial Integrator Magazine.

iBoot provides web and cloud based power control as well as automatic reboot when necessary.  In addition to its network reliability features, iBoot can be used for scheduled energy management, and power down un-hackable security.


Securing Access to Shared Resources

Northwestern University Center for Advanced Microscopy

Northwestern University Center for Advanced Microscopy

Northwestern University’s Shared and Core Facilities Office is responsible for helping to manage hundreds of important pieces of scientific instrumentation. Researches from all across the globe come to NU to study and experiment in fields as wide ranging as Energy, Material Science, and Genomics. Allocating and scheduling in each of these facilities is a challenge shared by administrators in each of NU’s core facilities and central administration.

A key challenge for these administrators is insuring that researchers properly log in and allocate funding from their projects for the equipment they use. To prevent unauthorized use of these expensive machines, Aaron Rosen in Core Facilities Administration turned to Dataprobe to assist.

Using a combination of Dataprobe’s Ethernet IO manager, model iPIO-8 and Dataprobe’s Power Switch, model iBoot-IO, Rosen was able to create a system to keep instruments powered off, until users were properly authorized and logged in. By integrating existing core scheduling systems with the iPIO-8 protocol, Rosen was able to immediately power up systems as soon as proper credentials were presented to the system. The system powers down the equipment as soon as the user has completed their work.

“We’re using Dataprobe relays to control access to equipment in some of our core laboratories”, says Rosen “In concert with command and control software, a Dataprobe iPIO-8 box and a number of iBoot-IO’s ensure that users will login to their reservations before beginning their experiments.”

“Your iBoot will save lives”

We like to think that we fulfill an important mission, keeping networks reliable and minimizing downtime.  We try not to use too much hyperbole in touting our significance in the lives of other people, but sometime we hear from users that moves us to tear of pride.  I will share one of those letters with you:

“I am the Senior Field Engineer for a Federal Law Enforcement Task Force. My job includes managing, maintaining, and improving our own Special Operations Support Unit and also supporting all other federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies; 200 of them with all forms of electronic surveillance. Out of the 200 agencies, only about 20 of them have their own technical support units and I work with them all. 

For the last two years we have been working on a large project that has helped fight crime on a whole new level. There has been one weak point in this project that has not only cost us a lot of over-time but has also slowed us down because of all the time we had to spend going out and manually re-booting equipment. Some of the areas this equipment has been installed in require us to put a team of undercover officers together to act as ‘protection’ for a technician to go out and do the re-boot. It also requires the use of a special truck because of the height of the equipment. This has cost us a lot financially, but it has also jeopardized lives and cases.

On our last equipment deployment – the Friday night before Memorial Day weekend – our equipment lasted only 12 hours before needing to be re-booted. The case involved a threat to the life of a Law Enforcement Officer and his family. So for the next few days (remember this is a Holiday weekend), every 12 to 24 hours we had to put a group of people together to go out and re-boot this device. As you can see, this put a lot of people’s lives and plans on hold to protect the life of this man and his family and we all did this happily. 

After finding your iBoot online, and then installing it into our equipment, we have not had to go out to this unit again. I have not only made it a policy in our office that any new installation MUST have an iBoot installed in it, but I have also notified the other 20 tech departments I work with and have told them that they will need to do the same. Your iBoot will save lives!

– A Very Happy Law Enforcement Agency (Name withheld upon request for security reasons)

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VP, Sales,
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iPIO-8 Says Action!

We are always amazed by the diverse ways that our products are used to improve business processes and save costs.  As we have been improving our customer feedback efforts, we are finding even more applications that surprise us.   When we find that several customers are using Dataprobe products in ways we did not anticipate, our antenna really perk up.


MetaSETZ TL-2 Tally Light

Several broadcast news organizations have reported that they are using our iPIO-8 network I/O controller to operate camera tally lights on their remote broadcasts.  Tally lights are the ‘Red Light’ that let the on-air talent know what camera to look at.

In the studio, these are all locally controlled from the broadcast booth.  For big events that involve multiple cameras, the easiest way to provide camera tally from the studio booth to multiple remote cameras is to use a pair of iPIO-8 units to take the GPIO (Contact Closure) from the camera tally system and send it over the network to the remote location.  There the matching iPIO-8 converts it back to GPIO and controls the cameras.

We have been at all sorts of remote broadcast locations; Space Shuttle lift offs, major disasters and national sporting events.  Dataprobe iPIO-8 keeps on-air talent looking in the right direction, and broadcast engineers looking good.

Have a unique application you want to share?  Click Here

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iBoot adds reliability to WiFi deployments.

Managing hundreds of locations is a challenge for any business.  When your business is providing wireless internet access, your customers rely on continuous service and downtime becomes especially costly.  DeepCoolClear, a leading provider of Managed WiFi solutions and the popular Hotspot in a Briefcase knows that their customers can not afford to roll a truck every time one of their systems gets a hiccup.

Managing hotspots in high end public spaces

“Ours is a small business that thrives upon providing the best possible services to our customers. We cannot afford the downtime associated with broadband outages.” says Girish Altekar, President of DeepCoolClear.  Girish knows that many times, these outages are frustrating to the end users and potentially costly to the coffee shop, supermarket or other hotspot provider.   Girish also knows that most of the time, a quick power cycle can get the job done with minimal intervention.  “As part of our services, we wanted maximum uptime for our hotspots. Since most of the outages experienced for our hotspots are transient broadband failures, we need a solution to automatically reboot our devices when a failure was detected. ”

After looking at a number of reboot devices, DeepCoolClear standardized on iBoot to provide the automatic failure detection and immediate reboot they were looking for.  “The iBoot is compact, well designed and meets all of our needs” Girish went on.  “We see our hotspots active all the time.  That’s a big benefit.

Find out more about DeepCloolClear

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Wild Orca Research Powered by iBoot

With all the news lately about the effects of captivity on orcas, it is clear that the hope for these majestic predators lies with a better understanding of their natural habits and habitat.  Thanks to the good work of the OrcaLab and the Pacific Orca Society, this important research is carried out.

OrcaLab studies and protects these majestic creatures.

Since 1970 OrcaLab has been using audio and visual technology to study the orcas in the ‘Inside Passage’ near Vancouver BC.  OrcaLab’s work also includes vital conservation issues – preservation of orca habitat; release and rehabilitation of captive cetaceans, especially Corky; and bringing to an end the dismal era of commercial whaling.

With so many remote sensing stations, and live video feeds available at the limited staff can not afford to take time to reset these remote sensors that are subject to the climate of the Pacific Northwest.  Fortunately iBoot helps them reset their equipment without having to leave the lab.  Paul Spong, the founder of OrcaLab writes;

Last year, we were delighted to discover your iBoot devices, which have given us the ability to control camera power switching.  This has already proven hugely useful.  At present, we have a camera set up at our Lab that turns on at 9am PDT each day and off at 11am PDT without us even having to think about it.  It’s really fantastic for us to be able to do this, and a real breakthrough, thanks to your iBoot technology.  Power is always a big issue in our remote location on Hanson Island in British Columbia, where we are “off grid”.  Essentially, what your iBoot devices enable us to do is plan to install & control more network cameras, thus learning more about the orcas, and sharing what we learn.

Studying Orcas in the Wild

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