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New Product Announcement: iBoot-G2S

Dataprobe is proud to introduce our latest addition and new flagship to the iBoot® product family.  Model iBoot-G2S provides the easiest way to add remote power control capabilities to remote sites.  It features a two port network switch built right in.  No more need to pull extra cable, or find a free port on your router to have remote reboot capabilities.  Just plug in your existing network cable into iBoot, then add another cable to your kiosk, signage, server, etc.

iBoot-G2S Remote Reboot with built-in 10/100 swtich

Fully compatible with Dataprobe’s iBoot Cloud Service, the iBoot-G2S can be controlled from anywhere in the world.  The Cloud Service eliminates the need to worry about dynamic DNS and inbound port restrictions.  In addition, the iBoot-G2S supports Graceful Shutdown, AutoPing, Heartbeat KeepAlive and easy expansion to additional outlets.

iBoot-G2S is in stock and ready to help you minimize downtime.  Learn all about the new iBoot-G2S at 

iBoot® is a Registered Trademark of Dataprobe, Inc.  All rights reserved



iBoot-WiFi – Cut the Cord to Remote Reboot


iBoot-WiFi extends Dataprobe’s popular remote power switch family with wireless connectivity.

Users can now protect critical system from unnecessary downtime without having to pull an additional network cable.

Users can now locate remote power control anywhere it is needed, and is ideal for remote devices like overhead projectors, access points and wireless networks.


Users can access iBoot-WiFi either directly through the internal web browser, or through the iBoot Cloud Service. The Service allows users to manage multiple iBoot devices, wired or wireless, with a single sign-on from anywhere in the world.

iBoot-WiFi is now available in pre-compliance beta version. Expected production release is March 2015. Visit for complete details and to obtain a early first peek.

Let AutoPing Protect Your Network

We get a lot of calls for our old PowerPal phone line power controller.  When we tell them that the iBoot does the same thing over the network they often reply: “But the network is the thing that is failing and needs to be rebooted!”

Thank heavens we invented AutoPing!

The AutoPing feature allows iBoot to automatically detect when the network fails and automatically reboots your router, cable modem, DSL or anything else that caused the freeze-up in the first place.

I have one in my basement that continuously ‘pings’ through my home network out to the internet.  Every time the cable company locks up, iBoot senses that and automatically reboots everything right away.  No more calls from from the kids that they can’t play XBox or stream Netflix.

Anyone who wants to keep their network up and running and avoid whiny kids (or bosses) should get one and make their troubles a thing of the past.

You can do even more than that

With AutoPing, you control the timing of the ping tests and how many fails it needs before it takes action.  Maybe you want to shut something down when something else is off line – AutoPing can do that.  Maybe you want to fire up an alert signal when something important fails – AutoPing can do that too!

AutoPing Operational Modes:

AutoPing as Network Monitor: iBoot is installed with the device to be rebooted, but pings a remote host to test the communication channel. Ideal for: DSL & Cable Modem Verification

Local AutoPing: iBoot is installed with the device it monitors and automatically reboots if there is no response. Ideal for: Kiosks & Servers

AutoPing Alert: iBoot monitors network device and powers up alarm or redundant system when there is no response Ideal for: Hot Standby Servers, Environmental Control, Alert for any Network Failure

AutoPing Setup is Easy

AutoPing Setup for iBoot-G2.

AutoPing Setup for iBoot-G2.

The  iBoot-G2 has two IP Addresses that you can set for AutoPing.  The basic setup uses one IP Address.  If you want to test more than one IP you can add the second address, then select the logical AND or OR mode to set which ones have to fail before action is taken.  Set the Frequency in seconds and the Fail Count independently for each IP Address.  Finally set the Action.  AutoPing supports several options here:


None AutoPing will not take any action upon Fail.
Power On – Latch Upon triggering, iBoot-G2 will power on and remain so until changed via the web, telnet, DxP, etc.
Power On – Follow Upon triggering, iBoot-G2 will power on.  When the ping response returns, iBoot-G2 will power off.
Power Off – Latch Upon triggering, iBoot-G2 will power off and remain so until changed via the web, telnet, DxP, etc.
Power Off – Follow Upon triggering, iBoot-G2 will power off.  When the ping response returns, iBoot-G2 will power on.
Power CycleTimes Upon triggering, iBoot-G2 will cycle the power.  If Power Cycle does not result in the ping response the iBoot-G2 can cycle again.  The number of times the iBoot-G2 will cycle is set by the Times setting.  To have the iBoot cycle power 3 times to get the system to respond again, set the Times to 3.

iBoot Puts Your Safety First

Dataprobe UL Lists A/C Power Switching Products

UL.cUL.LabelDataprobe iBoot and iBootBar A/C power switching products are UL Listed. This means they are tested by Underwriters Laboratories and Certified to meet their exacting standards. It also means that the tests conducted are appropriate for the type of device under test. Only devices that are tested and pass all the tests conducted by UL can apply the UL label.

Dataprobe invests a great deal of time and money to make the best, safest products possible. We take great pride in the success of our products and hope you will appreciate the effort we make to build the safest products at the best value.

Dataprobe PDUs are listed under UL 60950, and as such are designed for stricter data center environments. Only UL 60950 insures that PDUs offer appropriate branch circuit protection.  We think your safety is worth the extra investment in engineering to meet the standards and proving that we did so.

UL Compliant Products May be OK

Other companies use independent labs that test to UL standards. These may or may not be the appropriate safety standards. It is very easy to say tested to UL standards, but that might be for noise emissions or something other than fire safety.

Don’t Buy Untested Products!

Some companies completely forgo safety testing! I don’t see how anyone can buy or install in their home or office or worse yet, their customer’s location something without any safety testing at all.

In any case, check with your Fire Insurance Underwriter before installing anything other than a UL Listed power distribution product on your A/C power mains. There have been cases where non-UL Listed components or appliances caused a fire and the insurance was voided. Please don’t let that happen to you. If you are putting these products in your home or in your business you need to be aware of the potential liabilities.

Search for your products listing online

If you have any questions about a specific product or company you can easily check out them and their products at the UL Website. There is a handy search form to fill out Here

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Dataprobe Inc.

Another Reason to upgrade your iBoot-G2

In addition to all the other good reasons to keep your iBoot-G2 upgraded, Our latest release 1.10.59 has a secret control method that we are sharing with our blog readers first.

The iBoot-G2 can be controlled directly from the web browser with a simple URL command. This allows you to create bookmarks that can turn power on/off or reboot with one (double) click from you desktop!

This technique is in the currently released version of the iBoot-G2 and will appear in the next release of the iBoot-G2+.

This is the syntax for creation of the URL:



  • ipaddress: IP Address of device. Required
  • port: Web port of device. Required if not standard port 80
  • username: User name. Required unless user control without security is on
  • password: Password. Required unless user control without security is on
  • state: State to set. Required 0 = off, 1 = on
  • time: Time of state in seconds. Optional. 1-99 valid.

For an iBoot-G2 with factory default values, The URL would be: to turn the outlet off, and to turn it back on.

If I add the &t=5 to the end of the command, the outlet would change state for only 5 seconds. To reboot your system for 10 seconds would be:

Try it out for yourself by typing the link directly into the address bar of your browser.  Create a bookmark for you browser or shortcut on your desktop for quick power control.

Create Shortcuts for easy power control from your desktop

For those who are not concerned with security, there is an option in password setup that will allow an automatic logon. This means going to the ipaddress for the iBoot will bring you directly to the control page as if you were a user. Clicking on setup will require a password, but controlling the outlet will not. If you enable auto logon, then my sample URL link would look like this to turn on the outlet.

If you don’t already have firmware version 1.10.59  you can get it from our user forum; Click Here.

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