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Minimizing Downtime in Unattended Parking Systems

Don't let downtime ruin your image and profit

Don’t let downtime ruin your image and profit

Automated parking systems offer great advantages to the operator and driver alike.  That is when they are working properly.  There is nothing more frustrating than angry customers angry  because their parking system is non-functional.

Having to roll a truck for  a service call is a big waste of time and expense.  Especially when 80% of these failures can be handled with an automated reboot of the crashed system.

We improve the reliability of every network we touch.  Find out how you can benefit from reduced downtime.

Talk to Dataprobe at the International Parking Institute (IPI) trade show in Nashville next week to learn how to minimize downtime.

Email, call 201-934-9944 or complete the form to set up an appointment.

Hoverboards are not UL Listed!
Is your Power Switch?

Not UL Listed!  Go check your PDU.  It might not be either.

With all the news about hoverboards catching fire,  it is clear that we all need to think more about product safety.  Something catches the consumers’ eye, becomes the hot new thing and then literally becomes the hot new thing.  Suddenly there are concerns over safety,  liability  and  insurance coverage.   The case with these hoverboards became acute very quickly.  Now  the FAA forbids  them on airplanes and the USPS will not accept them for shipment.

Not one of these popular products is UL Listed.  Consumers are often shocked that products can be sold without proper safety review and certification.  It’s only after a fire breaks out or someone shocks themselves does the lack of safety testing become acutely important.

Dataprobe Power Switches are UL Listed.

Those of us that make UL Listed products take the time and make the investment to produce the safest products possible.  Just like as with hoverboards, there are cheap non-certified PDUs (Power Distribution Units) you can purchase.   It’s shocking (forgive the pun) to me that these are sold by vendors that are counting on your ignorance.

Please be safe and purchase only UL or other NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) certified power products.  Dataprobe and our legitimate competitors that use these labs make professional products for commercial and residential purposes.

While it’s is not required to put UL Listed products in your home, it is for your organization.  OSHA requires that only NRTL certified electrical equipment be used in the workplace.  Non-compliance can result in fines, lawsuits and insurance claims denied.  A list of NRTLs can be found at the OSHA NRTL List.   If you don’t see one of these logos on your power distribution units, you should inform your employer to have them replaced.   For more information on these OSHA requirements visit

More information about Dataprobe’s UL Listings and why it is important at

Stay informed about  Product Safety, Network Reliability and Dataprobe:

New iBoot Firmware Available: Ver 1.3

Applies to:  All iBoot-G2 Series Models:    

iBoot-G2, iBoot-G2+, iBoot-G2S, iBoot-DC


iBoot Firmware 1.3 now available

 Version 1.3 now ready for install

Version 1.3 add some exciting new features that users have been asking for, plus additional stability enhancements.

Top New Features

DHCP Default:  Out of the box ready for DHCP networks.  This makes it easy to set up in DHCP environments.  Just plug it in and its ready to go.  If you need static IP address, set it with the Device Management Utility, same as before.

DNS Support:  Now you can AutoPing and set other addresses by name as well as IP Address.   This makes it much easier to setup time and other features.

Download the new firmware from the support pages:

iBoot-G2       iBoot-G2+       iBoot-G2S

Read the full product release notes here

New Product Announcement: iBoot-G2S

Dataprobe is proud to introduce our latest addition and new flagship to the iBoot® product family.  Model iBoot-G2S provides the easiest way to add remote power control capabilities to remote sites.  It features a two port network switch built right in.  No more need to pull extra cable, or find a free port on your router to have remote reboot capabilities.  Just plug in your existing network cable into iBoot, then add another cable to your kiosk, signage, server, etc.

iBoot-G2S Remote Reboot with built-in 10/100 swtich

Fully compatible with Dataprobe’s iBoot Cloud Service, the iBoot-G2S can be controlled from anywhere in the world.  The Cloud Service eliminates the need to worry about dynamic DNS and inbound port restrictions.  In addition, the iBoot-G2S supports Graceful Shutdown, AutoPing, Heartbeat KeepAlive and easy expansion to additional outlets.

iBoot-G2S is in stock and ready to help you minimize downtime.  Learn all about the new iBoot-G2S at 

iBoot® is a Registered Trademark of Dataprobe, Inc.  All rights reserved



Dataprobe Supports Reliability at Ellis Island Museum

Dataprobe is proud to provide increased reliability to the kiosk and A/V installations at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration Galleries.  Selected by A/V Integrator, Electrosonic, Dataprobe’s iBoot power switches are used to provide power control to the Citizen Narrative and Citizenship Tests exhibits.

iBoot Powered Kiosk

Electrosonic, headquartered in the UK,   is a worldwide audio-visual company with extensive experience in designing, project managing, engineering and supporting AV systems and products. It was named A/V Integrator of the Year by Commercial Integrator Magazine.

iBoot provides web and cloud based power control as well as automatic reboot when necessary.  In addition to its network reliability features, iBoot can be used for scheduled energy management, and power down un-hackable security.


iBoot-WiFi – Cut the Cord to Remote Reboot


iBoot-WiFi extends Dataprobe’s popular remote power switch family with wireless connectivity.

Users can now protect critical system from unnecessary downtime without having to pull an additional network cable.

Users can now locate remote power control anywhere it is needed, and is ideal for remote devices like overhead projectors, access points and wireless networks.


Users can access iBoot-WiFi either directly through the internal web browser, or through the iBoot Cloud Service. The Service allows users to manage multiple iBoot devices, wired or wireless, with a single sign-on from anywhere in the world.

iBoot-WiFi is now available in pre-compliance beta version. Expected production release is March 2015. Visit for complete details and to obtain a early first peek.

Securing Access to Shared Resources

Northwestern University Center for Advanced Microscopy

Northwestern University Center for Advanced Microscopy

Northwestern University’s Shared and Core Facilities Office is responsible for helping to manage hundreds of important pieces of scientific instrumentation. Researches from all across the globe come to NU to study and experiment in fields as wide ranging as Energy, Material Science, and Genomics. Allocating and scheduling in each of these facilities is a challenge shared by administrators in each of NU’s core facilities and central administration.

A key challenge for these administrators is insuring that researchers properly log in and allocate funding from their projects for the equipment they use. To prevent unauthorized use of these expensive machines, Aaron Rosen in Core Facilities Administration turned to Dataprobe to assist.

Using a combination of Dataprobe’s Ethernet IO manager, model iPIO-8 and Dataprobe’s Power Switch, model iBoot-IO, Rosen was able to create a system to keep instruments powered off, until users were properly authorized and logged in. By integrating existing core scheduling systems with the iPIO-8 protocol, Rosen was able to immediately power up systems as soon as proper credentials were presented to the system. The system powers down the equipment as soon as the user has completed their work.

“We’re using Dataprobe relays to control access to equipment in some of our core laboratories”, says Rosen “In concert with command and control software, a Dataprobe iPIO-8 box and a number of iBoot-IO’s ensure that users will login to their reservations before beginning their experiments.”

Getting Reboot Right

If you are using iBoot or one of our other power management products to power cycle your PC or Server, you want to make sure the computer turns back on when power is switched. There are settings in the computer that dictate how the computer will respond when power is first connected to the computer. Those same settings control what the computer will do when iBoot switches power off, then back on again, as for a reboot.

Many computers default in remaining off when the A/C power is restored, and will not turn on automatically when iBoot power cycles. The good news is that this can be easily rectified.

The fundamental controls of the computer are set in the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). The BIOS can be accessed each time the computer is turned on. Watch carefully for a message from the manufacturer as the machine powers up.  Typically it could be:

  • Press F1 to enter setup’
  • ‘BIOS settings: Esc’
  • ‘Setup = Del’
  • ‘System configuration: F2’

You may need a few attempts to find the message and be ready to hit the right key in time. Each manufacturer does things a little differently, but the basics are the same. The BIOS is a powerful place, so take a moment to learn how to navigate and alter the settings. Fortunately anything you might do accidentally can be undone, just make sure not to Save any new settings until you are sure.


Typical Power Management Setting

Once you enter the BIOS, look for a section typically called Advanced Power Management, Power Management Setup or something similar.  The feature of Power Management that you want is called A/C Recovery,  A/C Power Recovery, or something like that.  The choices for this setting will typically be ON, OFF and LAST.  To make the iBoot work every time, select ON.  Save you settings and reboot.

You can test this by unplugging the running computer from the wall and plugging it back in again.  If the PC powers up, then you setting are correct, and iBoot will work the same way.


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