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Core Values Alive

If you have visited our website, I hope you had a chance to review our Core Values.  They are a reflection of who we are and what we strive for.  They help us make decisions and achieve our goals.

How did Our Core Values come to be?

We used an exercise to reveal and help clarify our core values.  We started with a question: If we were to send representatives to an Alien Planet from Dataprobe, which employees would we want to represent us.  Then the question was why.  What are the attributes of those employees that are a representation of our best selves.  From these, we distilled, compared and crystallized to reach our final Core Values

Telling Core Value Stories

We Share our Core Value Stories daily.  Its a celebration of the values are alive in each and every one of us.

We Share our Core Value Stories daily. Its a celebration of the values are alive in each and every one of us.

These values were always present in our employees, it was the acknowledgement of them that became infectious, and spread though the company as Stories.  The telling of Core Value Stories; sharing how another employee honors our Core Values, is a daily occurrence in our meetings and huddles. It has created a culture at Dataprobe, that both celebrates and reinforces who we are and what we do.

Core Values Alive has created Pride of ourselves, in what we do, and the products we produce.

Dataprobe Core Values

We value integrity:

  • Honest with Self and Others
  • Take Responsibility for Our Words / Actions / Choices
  • Commit to Meeting our Goals

We value respect:

  • Listen Actively and Communicate Constructively
  • Value Opinions and Viewpoints of Others

We value teamwork:

  • Share Willingly and Openly; Knowledge, Information and Experience
  • Put Company Goals before Individual Tasks and Assignments

We value courage:

  • Speak and Act without Fear
  • Question the Status Quo
  • Take Initiative to Discover Opportunities and Solve Problems

We value improvement:

  • Never Stop Learning
  • Leave it better than you found it
  • Be Resourceful, Agile, and Flexible in Meeting Challenges


[avatar user=”dp_James” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”] James Kalymnios,

VP Manufacturing
Dataprobe Inc.

New Logos and Product Branding

Changing logos can be a challenging undertaking for business both large and small.  Big company logos can cause quite a stir when changed.  Our small company logo change may not cause a big public outcry, but it certainly was a significant undertaking for Dataprobe.

Our 1969 Logo

Our 1969 Logo

When our founder, Sy Weiss started Dataprobe in 1969, we focused on test and measurement tools for the telecommunications industry.  Our original logo based on the Boolean NOR operator, was meaningful to the hardware engineers that were our client base of the day.  It served us well for many years, but has lost its impact in illustrating our current value proposition to our current customer population.

2012 Logo

2012 Logo

Our new logo, which we unveiled at the end of last year features a modern color scheme and the ubiquitous Power ON symbol.  We were almost reluctant to use it, as it has been used from everything from software to men’s body spray.  In the end, we agreed that it best represents our core commitment to maximum uptime for our clients and our core power control product line.

New iBoot Logo

New iBoot Logo

Along with the new logo for the company, came matching logos for our core iBoot product family.  These were a refresh of the iBoot logo with the same color scheme as the corporate logo.  It was a fairly big undertaking for our entire production staff to update all the packaging, silk screening, manuals, etc.  We are still working through getting everything updated.


[avatar user=”dp_david” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”” target=”_blank”]
David Weiss, President

What’s all this about Planes and Lights?

We have gotten a lot of questions about our new images and tag line “We Keep Planes in the Air and Lights on in Times Square”.  I thought that an explanation of that would be a good way to kick off our new blog and social media program.

Our overall mission at Dataprobe is to help our customers and partners build the most reliable networks possible.  Our products encompass several different ways to accomplish this and we wanted a way to illustrate the diverse ways we achieve improved reliability.   When we started looking at how to present that in a clear and concise way, we reviewed our proudest accomplishments of the last few years.

One of the high water marks for Dataprobe was our work with the FAA in the build-out of the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) program.  Every word spoken between air traffic controllers and pilots in the US is switched between redundant voice circuits from the ground station and the radio tower.  We monitor the circuits and select the best quality circuit for clear communications for these critical messages.  Hence:  “We keep planes in the air”

Our recent success in the Digital Signage and DOOH space has brought us into several large projects in high visibility applications.  Sports venues, amusement parks, and of course, Times Square.  Almost all the LED signage in that iconic landmark of outdoor marketing are protected with our remote power control systems.  Hence: “We keep lights on in Times Square”.

We made an amusing video to introduce our new theme to our Dataprobe Team.  Enjoy.